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Reaching and sustaining a nuclear deal with Iran

World leaders negotiate a deal limiting Iran's nuclear program in exchange for the cessation of economic sanctions against Iran. (AP Photo/Brian Snyder, Pool, FILE)

Kylie Allen

April 14, 2015

As a Global Zero activist and proponent of total nuclear disarmament, I find the fact that another nation could likely join the nine nuclear weapons countries extremely unsettling. Read More »...

The nuances of nuclear diplomacy with Iran

The nuances of nuclear diplomacy with Iran

Brendan Pedersen

April 12, 2015

On April 2, after two years of contentious negotiation between Iran and the United States, the two world powers arrived at a tentative outline in Switzerland that would place tight restrictions on Tehran’s nuclear program for the next 15 years.  A final deal will be presented by June 30, after which it will...

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