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SGA holds first meeting of the year

(DePaul Student Government Association)

For the Student Government Association’s first meeting of the fall term, the group discussed changes within Public Safety, an upcoming Campus town hall meeting, a Brownstones renovation and the upcoming FAFSA deadline. As SGA had many new members this term, much of the meeting was spent familiarizing with the finer institutional aspects of SGA and the university.

Changes within DePaul Public Safety

In his presentation to SGA, president Rick Popp talked about how Public Safety now intends to have a portion of its officers ride bikes, instead of cars, when out on patrol.

Executives encouraged SGA members to take the time to say ‘hello’ to passing Public Safety officers, in an effort to warm relations between Public Safety and students. Public Safety has also created a new position called liaison, whose incumbent will attend student groups’ meetings, such as those held by SGA. They hope this position will improve communication between Public Safety and student organizations.

Campus town hall meeting with university administrators on Oct. 3

SGA plans to help host a panel-style town hall meeting with DePaul administers to give the studentry a chance to hear about university initiatives and ask any questions they might have. President Popp said he expects the meeting to be attended by provost Marten denBoer, executive vice president Jeff Bethke and Public Safety director Bob Wachowski.

A minor change at Brownstones in the Student Center

Brownstones endured a small change over the summer. The condiments table, before located in the center of the café, is now stowed on the counter where the pastries used to be. The pastries in turn now rest on the counter near the register.

FAFSA application now available from Oct. 1 to Dec. 1

SGA plans to push a major campaign to get students to sign up for FAFSA this year, after the window to apply for federal student aid was set from Oct. 1 to Dec. 1. The representatives intend to hold events on campus and outreach over social media, so that students get their dues paid and don’t get tangled up in FAFSA bureaucracy.

SGA’s budget for the 2016-17 school year

SGA treasurer Omar Escamilla presented the body’s new budget, summing up to $14,000. A breakdown of the budget:

Communication – $225

Printing – $2,000

Promotional Material (such as Blue Demon apparel) – $4,650

Food – $2,875

Supplies – $800

Travel – $500

Retreats for SGA – $1,950

Unexpected (additional funds added to budget in case it runs out) – $0

Other notes

The SGA general body will soon go on a mandatory team-building retreat on Nov. 5, utilizing some of the above funds.

SGA’s theme this year, presented by president Popp, is to make an effort to connect with new people and “think outside their comfort zone,” he said.

Seven new SGA senators are expected to be elected from a variety of DePaul schools for the fall term.

Vice president for institutional diversity and equity Elizabeth Ortiz will address SGA at their next meeting.

SGA members must reserve an hour per week to meet with the students they represent.


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