The best spots on campus for grad pics


Your 8th grade and high school pictures probably adorn the wall of your parent’s hallway. Brace faced, pimple-faced, pre-straightener you stares back through framed glass. Your graduation pictures have become a staple in home decor but this is the perfect time to replace them.

There are of course, more spots on campus to capture the essence of your time at DePaul, but just in case here are a few.

DePaul Arch

Taking a picture under the DePaul sign by the quad is a must. Not only does it pay homage to the multiple times you almost got hit by a frisbee walking down the quad, but it’s one of the best DePaul signs.

Arts & Letters

This bench in the Arts & Letters patio is framed well and works perfect for sit down shots. There’s also plenty of room to bring in the parents on either side. There are levels that you can play with when a bench is involved.

Monsignor Egan

This picture spot is iconic and tradition. If you’re a graduate from DePaul and don’t have a picture in the arms of Monsignor John J. Egan then what are you doing?

Loop Patio

Last but not least, the Loop patio on the 11th floor of DePaul Center. With recent renovations and a good view of the Willis Tower, you could work this space with your cap and gown.

Fullerton ‘L’ Stop

So you might not know this but there are these really cool pillars under the Fullerton stop L tracks. These pillars contain small synopses of DePaul history, like the first time women graduated. You could do one of those peeking-out-from-behind pillar shots.

Sheffield Garage

This picture location is at the top of the Sheffield parking garage. It overlooks Wish Field, McCabe and a little bit of the city skyline. It is reminiscent of the commutes you had to undergo to get from class to class and campus to campus.