CTA Red and Purple Line Modernization Project continues


Raphael Cannesant

Bryn Mawr Red Line station.

Three Red Line stops on the North Side have been closed for the past few weeks because of the CTA’s Red and Purple Line Modernization project.

The Bryn Mawr, Thorndale and Granville stops are closed on weekends to allow for preparatory track work, which includes building new track interlockings near Thorndale on the north end of the project area and by Montrose on the southern end, CTA spokesperson Tammy Chase said. The work is necessary to be able to go from running trains on two tracks to four.

Work is being done throughout the days when the stations are closed and shuttle buses are running between affected stations.

The Bryn Mawr, Berwyn, Argyle and Lawrence Red Line stations will eventually be rebuilt so they’ll be larger, 100 percent accessible and have a new track structure.

In the future, work will be done around the Belmont Red and Brown Line stop, which will involve building a rail bypass so Red and Brown line trains so not have to wait for each other to pass, the CTA said.

“We’ve added as many trains as we can,” Chase said. “[…] We have a lot of delays that have a ripple effect.”

“Right now, the CTA is still building the bypass, so the Belmont stop hasn’t been affected yet, but future work will require some reroutes and delays,” Chase said. She recommends riders sign up for email alerts to learn about service changes.