St. Vincent’s DeJamz

  1. Después de la playa
  2. Si Veo a Tu Mamá
  3. La Canción ft. J Balvin

After two years in the pandemic, Bad Bunny’s latest album release, “Un Verano Sin Ti,” is the perfect rhythmic mix and reminder of all the summer moments I longed for. Maybe it’s the title’s direct reference to summer, or maybe it’s his unforgettable splash of Caribbean merengue throughout his tracks. Regardless, it’s one that will have every Latinx person blasting it through their speakers the best way we know how. Although I love many of the tracks on this latest album, I will only be talking about “Después de la playa.” Instead, I will bring back some of the songs that paved the way for us to enjoy this album in its full glory.

Después de la playa by Bad Bunny

If you’ve ever listened to this song, you know about the incredible sudden beat transition from typical reggaeton to merengue. This is the song many consider to be a family friendly favorite. It is one you can play at the carne asada because you already know the Tia’s hips can’t lie with this beat.

Si Veo a Tu Mamá by Bad Bunny

Although this song is basically about checking up on an ex-lover’s status after a breakup, it has an upbeat tune. Truthfully, this song holds a special place in my heart because of the way my two sisters and I loudly shouted “maldito año nuevo” or “damn new year” on New Year’s Eve after a lousy year in lockdown. We were tired and ready for things to get better.

La Canción ft. J Balvin by Bad Bunny

Honestly, this song will probably remind you of a toxic ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Forewarning, don’t listen if you’re prone to drunk texts. This is the kind of song you have to keep an eye out for one of your homegirls because one of them is suddenly going to talk about how she should get back together with Jose, the guy she’s been on and off with since high school.


This is a great one to play to remind yourself that nothing is forever. Not the good, not the bad, everything is temporary. If you are going through a rough time, its lyrics remind you to see the big picture rather than to focus on miniscule moments in life that will likely not matter in a week, month, or year from now.


One of my personal favorites from the “LAS QUE NO IBAN A SALIR” album released back when we were in “peak pandemic” during May 2020. This song literally translates to “blessings.” It is a personal reminder for me to show gratitude for the people and experiences in your life.