DeJamz – 9/26 – The Smiths


Before I divulge my songs for this week’s DeJamz, I must disclose that I think Morrissey is a horrible human being who deserves to be remembered only for his vile and repugnant comments and behavior. He is a disgrace to music and the genre of new wave alternative.

Yet, with that being said, I ask whether or not it is possible to separate art from its artists. Perhaps this is not the right place to pose such inquiries, but go into any museum or search any playlist, and I guarantee you will find an artist whose personality and life are nothing short of abhorrent, yet their art still holds meaning to you.

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now – The Smiths

Easily one of The Smith’s most iconic songs; I have always loved the lyrics on this track. From “I was looking for a job, and then I found a job and heaven knows I’m miserable now,” to “what she asked of me at the end of the day, Caligula would have blushed,” I would argue it’s difficult to find a song with both more relatable and creative lyrics. Plus, the background instruments are incredibly catchy, making this song a rare skip when it comes on.

Panic – The Smiths

My earliest memory of this song was when I was in third grade, and a girl sitting next to me asked me what my favorite song was. Growing up solely listening to my parent’s music, the question was a no-brainer, and I said something along the lines of ‘that song that goes hang the DJ, hang the DJ.’ Unfortunately, she thought I was talking about Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love,” and I being eight-years-old, didn’t know how to explain that it was not, in fact, the song I was talking about, so I agreed.

Big Mouth Strikes Again – The Smiths

Another classic; I have always loved the imagery surrounding Joan of Arc burning with a Walkman; something about it is simply compelling. I would be a fool, not to mention how Johnny Marr, The Smith’s guitarist, absolutely carries this song. This song always makes me want to get up and bust a move.

Girlfriend in a Coma – The Smiths

Contrary to popular belief, this song is about the AIDs crisis and the lasting effect of the insurmountable loss that accompanied the epidemic. Illustrated beneath a catchy melody is a narrative of grief and the sober reality that took almost 700,000 lives. Few pop songs portray the authenticity of anguish quite like “Girlfriend in a Coma” does.

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me – The Smiths

This wouldn’t be a true Smith’s themed DeJamz if I didn’t include a classic ballad of loneliness and heartache. While this song may not be underrated, it deserves more recognition. I’ve always been drawn to the lyrics, “The story is old – I know, but it goes on,” maybe it’s just my inner poet, but I love the concept of our lives existing in terms of interlocking narratives, positively affecting all of those who cross our path.

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