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Walking dull: Sluggish storyline in AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’

In 2010, a show came out based on a comic book that changed the outlook of a zombie apocalypse forever. Imagine the reality of waking from a coma into a world overrun by undead monsters, and it’s easy to understand why viewers were hooked on “The Walking Dead” from the beginning. Four years and many twists and turns later, the show remains one of the most popular on the air, and has garnered a devoted following.

“I’ve been following the show since season one … I enjoy watching the show because I like zombies. I like how gruesome they look and how animalistic they are,” Lizette Castillo, Chicagoan and “Walking Dead” fan, said.

Fans that have kept up with the show know that this season has been an emotional roller coaster, despite the often sluggish plot. Rick Grimes is still physically beaten and emotionally disturbed. Maggie Greene is still embracing the death of her father and the potential passing of her husband Glenn Rhee. Daryl Dixon remains emotionless and uninspired.

“I was excited for the second half of season four. The creators promised a bigger world, and the group getting out of their little bubble. I was looking forward to that,” Jeffrey Carrion, computing and digital media professor at DePaul, said.

It’s unclear if the writers delivered on that promise. At the midseason finale, the death of Hershel Greene at the hands of the Governor left Rick, Maggie, Daryl and the rest of the prison inhabitants ready to avenge the death of the father figure and wise voice of the group. However, the aftermath of a fullon attack by the Governor separated the gang and now they’re all scattered in different locations.

“I watched the last episode by myself and my heart was pounding. I sat at the edge of my seat and I was screaming at my TV,” Castillo said.

In comparison to the last three seasons, fans are now experiencing the point of view of being separated from their loved ones and the uncertainty of who’s alive. The first season painted a picture of what it’s like to wake up in an unknown world. Season two showed viewers that life goes on, but nowhere is safe. Season three questioned the real enemies in a zombie apocalypse, leaving the group battling with the Governor’s Woodbury clan for superiority and survival.

“This season is terribly slow … my fear for the end of this season is that the group is going to be on the road and at the last episode, they get to this new safe haven,” Carrion said.

Many fans are awaiting what Frank Darabont, creator of the show, will do in the second part of season four. Although the first episode seemed to start off slow, fans were able to see a side of Michonne that has never been depicted. In the last three seasons, fans only saw a tough character who only wanted to do one thing: survive. Now, fans are seeing her showing that she has motherly instincts and that she wants to be part of a family again.

The second episode showed Daryl and Beth Greene searching for their friends, while Tyreese, Judith, Lizzie and Mica run into Carol Peletier.

In the most recent episode, the creators showed Michonne’s motherly side as she reveals the past of her son Andre. Rick is also in flux as he’s woken by a group of bandits that have no mercy for anything standing in their way. Sergeant Abraham Ford and his team pick up Rhee and Tara and fans find out that one of Ford’s team members knows what caused the zombie outbreak.

“I hope they get to this safe haven place next episode,” Carrion said.

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