Gay western DeJamz


While pride month is not yet upon us, I find it best to be prepared. Lilly, you may ask, how does one prepare for Pride month? I’m so glad you asked because I have one word for you: cowboys. This might seem cryptic, but all will be revealed after you listen to this week’s Dejamz. Now, I invite you to saddle up your steed and polish off your spurs because we are in for a wild ride, my dear readers. 

“Cowboys Are Frequently Fond of Each Other” by Willie Nelson 

Lately, I have been grinding on that Willie Nelson vibe, making everyone I know listen to this song. I’ve been forcing it on my dad, my grandmother, and even my middle school best friend, to whom I no longer talk. Nobody can escape me subjecting their ears to this song. All I’m saying is that Nelson deserves a Pulitzer Prize for this certified banger. This song has fundamentally changed the trajectory of my life, and I’ll conclude with that.

“Fist City” by Loretta Lynn

Though not as direct as my previous track, I am steadfast in my belief that Loretta’s music is queer-coded. Arguably the original girl boss, “Fist City” depicts one of the most iconic diss tracks. While we may not know who the song’s mysterious homewrecker is, we know Lynn stuck to her promise and physically fought her. I don’t know about you, but all I can say is I’m jealous of the woman who went to the fist city.

“Kansas (Remembers Me Now)” by Orville Peck

You thought I would write a gay western DeJamz without including Orville Peck? You fool. Funnily enough, it was my mom who introduced me to the glory of Peck’s music. Everybody says thank you, Jennifer. While this song may not appear gay on the surface, it’s all about the subtext. Told from the perspective of real-life murderer Perry Smith on the eve of his execution, Peck’s lyrics exude something equal parts romantic and horrific, giving it a place on this week’s Dejamz. 

“The Maker Makes” by Rufus Wainwright

OK, not precisely Western — sue me — but oh my god, this song. Appearing on the “Brokeback Mountain” soundtrack and playing during the film’s end credits, this song makes me want to run into ongoing traffic. The epitome of queer love, loss and heartbreak, “The Maker Makes” makes me feel gutted and crave a stiff drink.

“He Was a Friend of Mine” by Willie Nelson 

We get it, you like Willie Nelson and “Brokeback Mountain” is your favorite movie. I’m telling you, if you have not yet watched this movie or read Annie Proulx’s short story that inspired the film, we cannot be friends. One of the most moving pieces of literature and film I have ever seen, I will defend “Brokeback Mountain” until I am six feet underground.