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Quad Essentials: What every student needs to hang out on the quad

Linnea Cheng
Students laugh while gathered on the Lincoln Park quad on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2023, in Chicago. Various other groups were playing field games like Spike Ball or studying.

As the weather cools and summer ends, DePaul students descend on the Lincoln Park Campus Quad to soak up the sun. Offering a starter pack on Quad essentials, this is everything students need to know before staking out a spot:

Water is a Quad essential as the summer winds down, with hydration being the key to a great time. Insulated water bottles are preferred, but any container to hold your liquids works. If you bring a single-use plastic water bottle, recycle it in one of the compactors or recycling bins right between the Quad and Richardson Library.

Other drinks from one of the university cafes are also great to have on hand. Aleksa Kirkus, a sophomore anthropology student, likes to grab a smoothie from the Bean Cafe in the SAC before camping out in the grass.

“It’s a nice break from the bustling of the city,” Kirkus said.

Snacks are always a smart idea. Whether you bring them from home or grab something from  the SAC’s vending machines, everyone likes a little sweet or salty snack.

Blanket or towel to sit on. After a long period of dreary weather, everyone wants to get out of their dorms, but not everyone wants grass stains on their cute outfits. Bring a blanket, towel or hammock to keep you and your belongings grass-free.

Chargers are vital for watching a movie or doing homework while soaking up some sun. Many picnic tables on the Quad have solar-powered outlets..

“I bring a charger because there are ports out there and I can get work done,” said Ravinder Singh, a DePaul sophomore board member of Students Against Incarceration.

Sunscreen and Hats are a necessity on sunny days. The World Health Organization recommends using sunscreen, hats and other protective measures whenever the UV Index is over three. Most weather apps will let you know what the UV Index is. While some UV Exposure is healthy and creates vitamin D, serious complications can come from too much sun exposure. If you forget a hat or sunscreen, you can always find shade under the trees or in the shade of one of the buildings surrounding the Quad.

Rules of the Quad: Other than basic human decency, what are the rules of the Quad? While most of it is self-explanatory and implicit, there are a few suggestions.

“I don’t think anyone should move anyone else’s stuff,” said Maya Amezcua, a sophomore neuroscience student. “And don’t throw things close to people and over their heads.”

Freshmen Melanie Buckley and Sophia Leonardo suggested if people have headphones on, it’s probably best to just let them be.

“My pet peeve is when I’m obviously studying, and people come right next to me and play a game loudly,” Singh said.

Letting people enjoy the outdoors in peace is the best way for everyone to have a great time on the Quad. By showing courtesy to the people around you, everyone can join in on the fun.

Whether you are on the Quad to study or just catch up with friends, with or without these essentials, you’re bound to have a great time.

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