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Small Chicago artist DeJamz


I firmly believe that Chicago currently has one of the best music scenes in the country. I am also a hater who believes none of y’all have good, diverse music tastes that actually honor the music you could discover if you ventured outside of DePaul’s campus. Yes, we all know Kanye West (ew), Fall Out Boy and Smashing Pumpkins came from Chicago, but what about the newer artists who deserve some recognition? While I can’t list everything Chicago’s music scene has to offer, here’s a noncomprehensive list of some of my favorites and a way for you to seem cooler when asked about music. 

“Mr. Whiskey” by City Twigs:

I first saw this Chicago-based country band when they opened for The Crystal Casino Band at Schubas. There aren’t adequate words to describe the joy my little Texan heart felt when they hollered their first “yeehaw” before taking the stage and blowing my mind. “Mr. Whiskey” is the perfect example of a soft, country ballad that makes you want to slow dance to a honky tonk. Don’t take my word for it; stop being a country music hater and try it. Don’t pretend this song doesn’t make you want to ride a horse or something.  

“La Ciruela” by Nico Play:

The only thing my Instagram algorithm has ever done right was introduce me to Nico Play. The bilingual artist perfected love songs in both Spanish and English, the best of which is “La Ciruela.” Though, an honorable mention is necessary for Nico Play’s cover of the “Narcos” theme song “Tuyo.” While I can’t understand the lyrics, I know, based on the simple acoustic guitar and calming vocals, that it’s utterly perfect. There’s a subdued quality about his entire EP, “Desilusión,” that is haunting and soft, perfectly characterizing the concept of a ballad. 

“Water” by Finom:

I saw Finom last year at Thalia Hall and proceeded to experience one of the most transcendent live music performances of my life. The rock duo formed in 2014 and has since released some absolute bangers, including “Fingerprints,” which seemingly only exists on YouTube. “Water” is a close second favorite song with stunning vocals and aggressive instrumentals. What makes Finom special is its unique lyricism and perfect balance between jarring and melodic sounds to create a listening experience like no other.  

“Big Tooth“ by Superdime:

I am aware Superdime is a DePaul student band, but some of y’all didn’t vote for them at Battle of the Bands, and I’m still salty about it. Superdime is by no means an underrated band if you know anything about DePaul’s music scene, but I think they’re overlooked because of their student status. In reality, their 2023 EP “Do You Remember How We Used to Run?” is full of bangers that continually prove their talent and finesse. “Big Tooth” is a solid rock song with cathartic lyrics and a funky guitar solo everyone needs to hear at least once. 

“Felt Like Home” by TEEN BLUSH:

I actually discovered TEEN BLUSH before I came to Chicago, meaning I’ve always been ahead of the trend. While I haven’t caught up with his newer releases, a few of his songs still have a permanent home on my playlists. “Felt Like Home” falls more into the indie rock genre and truly makes me homesick every time I listen to it. The soft, ethereal quality of the backing instrumentals means it’s the perfect fit for any vibe you want, even if it’s technically a sad love song.

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