Three looks for Lollapalooza

Your schedule might be planned out for Lollapalooza, planning how you’ll cross all of Grant Park in roughly five minutes, but have you decided what you’ll be wearing yet? At a music festival of its size, Lollapalooza certainly brings out the best of the best when it comes to festival fashion. It’s not necessary to deck yourself out in a plethora of fringe, stay true to your own style. 

A few simple rules should be followed for your fashion choices for the weekend, which include:

Wear closed-toe shoes or wedges, preferable ones you don’t love or can be easily cleaned. People will step on your feet, there’s a good chance you’re going to get muddy, and your feet will be exhausted after standing around all day.

Loose, breezy clothes are always a good bet. August in Chicago is never comfortable, but as soon as you add in a couple thousand sweaty people too close to you, it’s a guaranteed recipe for maximum sweating. Make sure your clothes can breath and you’re not being restricted.

Don’t let your bag get in the way of your fun. If you don’t need to bring a lot, use a cross-body bag with a secure closing to keep in your necessities. If you’re stocking up on water bottles for the day, bring a backpack.

Most importantly, stay protected from the sun. Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, whatever you need to stay sunburn free.. There’s nothing worse than getting killer sunburn Friday afternoon and ruining the rest of your weekend. Stay smart.


The looks:

Look #1: Going for the glam look? Pair a flow-y skirt with a loose top, wedges, and a hat and sunglasses. Add a pop of color in the skirt or top to keep it fun.

Look #2: Fun sundresses are a festival must. Mix up the expected look with a fun detail in the dress like cutouts. Add combat boots to keep your feet protected, a headband to keep the sweat out of your hair, and a cross body bag and bracelets for a fun and simple detail. Pro tip: wear bike shorts under your dress. You’ll thank me later.

Look #3: It’s hot out, that’s no secret. Pair a fitted crop top with loose, high-waisted shorts to not look completely naked. You could wear a bikini top and teeny-tiny shorts, but you’re better than that. Put everything else you need in a stylish backpack and pair wear with simple black oxfords (or Keds).