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Indie games like Mini Metro are the creative future of the industry. Chris Devers/Creative Commons

OPINION: The future of games is independent

Brandon Sun Yechout, Assistant Arts and Life Editor January 9, 2022

The gaming industry, at large, does not excite me. I say that as someone who loves games more than anything, and I certainly take no pleasure in saying it. But over the past decade, I’ve been made to...

Peter Molyneux’s “Legacy,” an upcoming blockchain-based business sim. (22cans / Gala Games)

NFT integration with games in 2022 is an inevitability, despite Ubisoft’s failure

Brandon Sun Yechout, Assistant Arts and Life Editor January 9, 2022

NFTs — they’re everywhere and nowhere. Ubiquitous in the public tech consciousness and placeless by way of blockchain technology. You’re probably sick of hearing about them. An NFT — which stands...

The Animal Crossing update we didnt know we needed

The ‘Animal Crossing’ update we didn’t know we needed

Graceson Kennedy, Contributing Writer November 17, 2021

So your Switch has been collecting dust since late August. Your villagers haven’t seen you since Tom Nook gave you a second bedroom and their hopes of ever seeing you return have been dwindling day by...

2021 in games: A brief retrospective

2021 in games: A brief retrospective

Brandon Sun Yechout, Assistant Arts and Life Editor November 14, 2021

The end of 2021 approaches, somehow. You read the title, so let’s not waste too much time. One stipulation: a lot of games released in 2021 and I can only cover the ones which I’ve actually played...

Poster for Battlefield 2042 from IMDB

‘Battlefield 2042’: A series veteran’s first impressions

Brandon Yechout, Staff Writer October 17, 2021

The highly anticipated latest entry in the “Battlefield” series, “Battlefield 2042,” launched into open beta on Oct. 6. While the game’s full launch is not due for another month, this early release...

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