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Immigrant organization founder spoke about misconception of undocumented citizens

DePaul’s third annual President’s Lecture series featured Jose Antonio Vargas, an immigrant from the Phillippines and founder of the nonprofit Define America.

Veronica Schoonover, Contributing Writer

November 18, 2019

Define American, a nonprofit media organization, seeks to use storytelling to shift the conversation on immigration and citizenship. Jose Antonio Vargas, founder of the organization, appeared to speak at DePaul’s third annual President’s Lecture Series on his life and experience as an undocument...

Resale store aims to provide accessible LGBTQ+ healthcare

Resale store aims to provide accessible LGBTQ+ healthcare

November 12, 2018

Resale store The Brown Elephant serves the people of Chicago not only with low prices, but with access to health services. The Brown Elephant, founded in 1982, is an extension of The Howard Brown Health Center, a non profit medical organization with an emphasis on eliminating healthcare imbalances exper...

The fifth anniversary of Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision

The Constitutional limits of campaign finance laws involving contributions to candidates and political parties were defined by the 2010 Citizens United decision. (Olivier Douliery | Tribune News Service)

Nicholas Oviatt

January 25, 2015

This month marks five years since the Supreme Court’s controversial decision regarding Citizens United. The United States Supreme Court held that the First Amendment prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditures by a nonprofit corporation. Read More »...

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