What’s Fresh: By The Park cookie shop, Beyonce’s “Lemonade”

What’s Fresh is The DePaulia’s weekly rundown of the latest in arts and entertainment. This week: a new Lincoln Park cookie shop and Beyonce’s incredible new album.


(Kiersten Sinko / The DePaulia)
By The Park, a new cafe, is located at 2342 N. Clark St. (Kiersten Sinko / The DePaulia)

By the Park

2342 N. Clark St.

Sorry Insomnia, but cookie heaven has been officially relocated. By The Park, a new cookie and coffee shop, has easily snagged the crown for best cookies in Lincoln Park. Not only are the cookies soft and scrumptious, but the are uniquely catered towards Chicago. Seriously, who needs Insomnia’s snickerdoodle when you can have the Lincoln Park, a cinnamon bun flavored cookie with homemade cinnamon and white chocolate chips? Cue the drooling.

Stepping into By The Park last Tuesday afternoon was a treat, and not just because of their free samples, the cheap cup of Stumptown coffee or the friendly faces behind the counter. It was the fact that I finally found a place far from the 1237 Starbucks where I can’t help but always run into someone I know. Oh, and a bonus? This cookie shop is kid-friendly with the cutest playing area in the back of the shop. So If you desire a study place that serves amazing coffee, divine cookies and all the baby-watching you could dream of, By The Park is your next stop this week. — Kiersten Sinko



Just when you think Beyoncé is as good as she can get, she goes and tops herself again. The queen of the secret album release surprised fans, yet again, when she released “Lemonade,” her sixth studio album on April 23. The album was simultaneously released at the same time as a one-hour visual album on HBO. The album captures Beyoncé at her rawest and most vulnerable, as she sings about her husband’s alleged infidelities and her experience as a Southern, black woman in the United States. “Lemonade” is the best thing Beyoncé has ever released, but knowing her, I’ll be saying that for albums to come. — Erin Yarnall