Cubby fashion around campus

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It’s hard to ignore the overwhelming amount of bright blue Cubs hats that are not only filling DePaul’s campus, but also the entire city of Chicago. World Series fever has spread, and people from all over the United States are rooting for the Cubs to break their 108 year-long drought.

Students at DePaul University are finding their own ways to express their love for the Cubs, whether it be through baseball caps and t-shirts or through their own unique ways.

Annette Banks

annette-banksAnnette Banks, a senior at DePaul University, is excited to spend her last year at DePaul rooting for her favorite team, the Cubs.

“I’ve been a Cubs fan pretty much all my life,” Banks said. “My father has been a fanatic since before he moved to Chicago. Even at my softball games he’d always do voice impersonations of Harry Carrey.”

Banks bought a Cubs-inspired Phi Mu shirt to express her love for both her sorority and her favorite team. She was able to find it by browsing on Etsy for cute attire, stumbling upon a shirt that represented two of her favorite things.

“I was a new member in the organization, and baseball season was just around the corner,” Banks explained. “Whenever game day landed on a Wednesday – typically known as ‘Wear Your Letters Wednesday’ – I was able to support both on campus.”

Banks is also the proud owner of a 1989 Eastern League Division shirt.

“The eastern division shirt represents a memory my dad got to experience by being able to watch the Cubs move onto the NLCS to play the San Francisco Giants for an opportunity to play in the World Series, pretty much what we saw 27 years later here,” she said.

Matthew Lopez

matthew-lopezCheering for the Cubs is also nothing new for Illinois-native Matthew Lopez. Growing up in Gilberts, Illinois instilled in him a love for the Cubs from an early age.

“I was born into it, I guess,” Lopez said. “The Cubs were both of my grandpas’ favorite team.”

His grandpas are obviously extremely important to him, shown through his most prized Cubs possession: his Chicago Cubs jersey. His jersey, passed on from his grandfather, serves as a memory of both his grandfather and his love for the Cubs.

“It was my grandpa’s,” Lopez explained about the jersey. “He gave it to me before he passed away. It’s a reminder of him.”

Lopez is clearly rooting for the Cubs to win, with a love fostered by both his family members and his proximity to Wrigley Field. Lopez is hoping to see the Cubs win.

“If the Cubs win I’m going to get something for my gramps and put it on his grave,” Lopez said, reminiscing.

Lopez would love to see a win not only for himself and the city of Chicago, but also for his grandpa.

Meghan Lloyd

meghan-lloydDressed head to toe in Cubs gear, it is clear that Chicago Cubs baseball is no game for Meghan Lloyd. Though Lloyd is originally from Toledo, Ohio, her love for the Cubs began at an early age.

“My family has been coming to Chicago since I was six years old,” Lloyd explained.

Though her family has a love for baseball, she is the biggest fan in the family. Her love of the sport is obvious from her large selection of spirit wear, ranging from socks, a necklace, jersey, and a homemade skirt.

“My mom’s friend made (the skirt) for me as a surprise,” she said, showing it off as she posed for the camera.

“I want to be at Wrigleyville if they win,” Lloyd said. “I was there when they won (the National League pennant) before.”

The game between the Cubs and Indians may cause some rivalry amongst her family members, however, with Toledo and Cleveland being a mere two-hour drive away from each other.

“My grandpa is a big fan of the Indians,” Lloyd mentioned. Being from Toledo has never deterred her from being a Cubs fan, though.

“I love baseball,” she said. “I love the Cubs.”

Cam Garrett

cam-garrettCam Garrett, a freshman originally from Monee, Illinois, has been rooting on the Cubs since he was seven years old.

“My first Little League team I played on was the “Chicago Cubs,” Garrett recalled. He instantly fell in love with the team and has been rooting for them ever since.

He owns plenty of spirit-wear, but his most prized Cubs possession is his jacket, proudly displaying “Chicago Cubs” on the front.

“It has a way of exuberating style while also getting the point across that I am a Chicago Cubs fan. It’s a mix of old school and new,” Garrett said, explaining his love for his jacket.

Garrett has been anxiously watching all of the Cubs games and has been hoping for a chance to go to the World Series for years.

“I might breakdown in tears,” Garret said. “It would feel like a dream and take awhile to sink in. It’d be unbridled joy.”

Garrett’s excitement reflects the feelings of Chicagoans throughout the city, who have been waiting for this chance ever since 1945. These games offer a renewed hope for Cubs fans all across the United States.