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Left: Austin DeVine (freshman) Right: Jackie Pomeroy-Tso (freshman)

DePaul students brace the cold in style

Hallie Long, Contributing Writer November 14, 2021

For some of us, setting aside time to pick out an outfit is unnecessary. Of course we have to get dressed every day, but it’s rarely more effort than pouring a glass of water. On the other hand, some...

The new fashion capital of the Midwest: A look at Chicago Fashion Week

The new fashion capital of the Midwest: A look at Chicago Fashion Week

Lily Lowndes, Social Media Editor October 25, 2021

A month after models strutted the New York Fashion Week runway, Chicago held its own collection of shows organized by FashionBar, a fashion business consulting firm that provides a platform to local, national...

Halloween looks: Its all about the fashion this holiday

Halloween looks: It’s all about the fashion this holiday

Nikki Ramos, Contributing Writer October 17, 2021

Halloween 2021 is set to be an extremely fashionable one. With last year’s holiday being sabotaged by the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year DePaul students are itching to go all-out. TikTok...

DePaul student Taylor Robinson on the quad near the Schmitt Academic Center.

Students express excitement about bringing fashion back to campus

Amber Stoutenborough, Staff Writer September 26, 2021

DePaul's fashion has changed since the school shut down. After 16 months of online classes and pajamas, the new school year also brings a new season to dress up and challenge past fashion choices around...

Evan Agostini | AP Photo

The underwhelming Met Gala of 2021

Amber Stoutenborough, Staff Writer September 19, 2021

For the first time in almost two years, the red carpet of the Met Gala turned beige for this year's theme of American: Lexicon of Fashion. With the exception of a select few, the theme seemed to be more...

A man in Wicker Park sporting a mask while riding a divvy bike.

Fashion forward: the past, present and future of masks

Lily Lowndes, Contributing Writer February 21, 2021

What was the most worn fashion item of 2020? Chain necklaces? Oversized sweaters? Mini bags? Try face masks. As sign-of-the-times as it might seem, face masks were the one item that everyone wore. No...

A modeling job by DePaul student Kezjahree Wingate, who would be walking in New York Fashion Week if not for the pandemic.

Global ‘Fashion Week’ shows go virtual

Samantha Albert, Contributing Writer February 18, 2021

Fashion Week showcases the latest designs and collections from world-renowned designers, brands, and fashion “houses.” Typically, Fashion Week is extremely exclusive. An individual must have tickets...

The author and her father.

Like daughter, like father — we set fashion trends for our parents, too

Rebecca Meluch , Opinions Editor February 7, 2021

Every Christmas Eve, I used to pick out my father’s tie he would wear to mass. It was a tradition that started when I was a measly little first-grader.  He had just assumed I was picking out the...

Assorted Nike Dunks; the apparel company is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the SB Dunks this year.

‘Year of the Dunks’: Nike Dunks celebrate 15th anniversary in 2021

Maria Barragan, Contributing Writer January 24, 2021

We saw the versatility of the Nike SB Dunk expand from the Ben and Jerry's collaboration, to the bright orange Syracuse colorway. Now, the 1985 silhouette of the Dunk has made a very big return – and...

DePaul students Jacquie Michaels, Esther Ayaji and Belle Ross all try to continue their back to school fashion even when classes are all online.

Zoom looks lead 2020 fall fashion

Ava O'Malley, Contributing Writer October 4, 2020

Back before the coronavirus hit, a great deal of DePaul students stepped out in unique, expertly curated outfits. Walking from the Fullerton stop to the Quad on a busy Wednesday morning was a colorful...

Virginia Nielsen wears a mask while carrying shopping bags during the coronavirus outbreak in San Francisco, Thursday, May 7, 2020.

What to wear when you have nowhere to go

Carly Travis, Contributing Writer May 8, 2020

Being stuck at home, one might wonder if it even matters what they wear. Think again.  While it’s perfectly acceptable to merely switch in and out of pajamas all day,  it’s also fun to switch...

How to maintain hair, nails while sheltering in place

How to maintain hair, nails while sheltering in place

Kinise Jordan, Contributing Writer April 24, 2020

Despite salons and barbershops not being on the state’s list of essential businesses, a photo of Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her barber, Cashmere Neal, surfaced on social media on April 5. The Mayor and...

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