How to get through a Super Bowl party if you’re not into football


Super Bowl Sunday is approaching and some of us are not as excited as most. For the most part, food is my main reasoning for going to a Super Bowl watch party. Last year, I made a homemade chip dip in a crockpot as a way to make it through the longest football game of the year. Here are some things to bring, look for or enjoy to make it through a party that you may be suckered into going to. 

  1.     Food

Whether you bring food yourself or eat what’s there, food during the Super Bowl is the best distraction if you just don’t want to watch the game. Just constantly stand by the table, piling your plate until it’s nothing but crumbs. There will be plenty of delicious dips – hopefully, buffalo chicken dip – pigs in a blanket, cheese boards, ribs and team colored cupcakes.  

  1.     Alcohol

There will probably be an ice chest full of three types of beer at any Super Bowl party. On top of the beer, there is usually a mix of liquor being passed around the party – especially if your team is losing. Bring your own alcohol to the party to ensure the maximum level of (responsible) drunkenness can be reached.

  1.     Friends/family

Going to a party with friends or family will help keep you distracted from the three-plus hours of constant yelling. Bringing friends, a significant other or being around family is bound to start a random conversation that is not strictly based on the game. It could be the best event to bring a new significant other to as well because getting a million questions from family is the perfect distraction.

  1.     Showing up late

Showing up late will allow those already there to get a little drunk and full. So, when you arrive at the party, the food that you see on the table is all yours. You’ll be far more entertained watching those around you slurring their words with Dorito crumbs in their beard than trying to keep up with the flying ball you see on the TV.

  1.     Find the household pet

There is bound to be some type of pet at one of these parties. As soon as you arrive, look for the closest thing that resembles a dog or cat toy and begin the search for the household pet. There could even be a bird, a rat or reptile. Imagine, food in one hand and a pet in the other. Who cares about the field goals when you have “Bear” the dog on your lap.