Memories are made of these: looking back on four years at DePaul


Keira Wingate | The DePaulia

McGee’s Tavern, which is located on Webster Avenue in Lincoln Park, is widely regarded at DePaul as a top spot for partying on weekends.

Through every up and down college has thrown our way, some of the best memories have been created during the most stressful of times. Every all nighter, Saturday night, exam, presentation and “sick day” has brought a memory to go along with it. The mental scrapbook of the past few years is packed to the rim.  

With so many years spent at college, the array of memories is vast. Some of the most memorable of all take place right on campus. Luckily, DePaul has two campuses for double the chance to make something stick. The spaces at either campus have provided places for studying, eating, drinking and of course, vibing. 

Jacqueline Brennan is graduating this June with a degree in journalism. She’s found two places that have become her favorite study destinations.

“I loved studying on the quad when I lived in Lincoln Park,” Brennan said. “But the Barnes and Noble building downtown is my favorite because I love sitting on the roof and looking out at the beautiful skyline. I’m a sucker for the perfect skyline.”

While studying for exams, presentations and projects may not be the most fun part of the college experience, DePaul professors made a lasting impact on students. Many helped students decide their major, paved their way for a career choice, or just taught them life’s basic lessons in and out of the classroom. 

Jack Mulhern, a graduating senior and political science major, is among those with a professor in mind. 

“Wayne Steger’s political classes generally, but specifically his political inquiry class really taught me how to cut through misinformation and illogical arguments to get at the truth,” Mulhern said. 

Some students found a friend and mentor in college who helped them become the professional person they are today. Kevin O’Brien, a senior finance major, has been given great opportunities and adventurous memories with the help of one of his professors. 

“Andy Clark. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for him,” O’Brien said. “Through Andy’s classes, I have been able to take classes that work with the Chicago Cubs. I have been able to travel across Chicago and visit over 20 different companies.” 

O’Brien was also able to go to London for a study abroad program that was led by Clark. While there he went to the Premier League Offices, the site of the Olympics and a few fun sports matches like national soccer and rugby.

DePaul’s study abroad programs are just some of the yearly things offered to students. One fun event that brings a big crowd is FEST, the end of the year spring concert. Each year a headliner takes to the stage to put on a show for students. Some of the biggest headliners have been T-Pain, 3OH!3, Lil Yachty and A$AP Ferg. 

Brennan attended FEST in 2017 and was able to see one of her absolute favorite artists, Jesse McCartney. 

From a young age I wanted to see Jesse in concert, but I was never able to,” she said. “I wasn’t planning on going but knowing he might be there I had to go. So I made sure to attend the unveiling of artists event and I remember realizing immediately that they were describing Jesse. I was so excited that I promised myself I would be front row so I could see him. Luckily I was front row and I was able to get his attention several times during the show.”

DePaul has a few on campus spots that have always drawn in a big crowd of students: Kelly’s and McGee’s. Both have weekly specials that draw in the young crowd and the fact that they’re located on campus adds to the appeal. 

“So many silly nights at Kelly’s and McGees,” Mulhern said. 

Although he made lasting memories there, some of his favorites were the ones he made at his apartment. 

“Our sophomore year we threw a welcome week kegger and donated the proceeds (about $650) to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.”

DePaul has a reputation of saying “the city is our campus,” and as much as we mock it, it’s true. Going to school in a big city gives students the opportunity to explore and find spaces to make memories at. 

For Brennan, this meant witnessing one of Chicago’s greatest historic events in Wrigleyville. 

“[I] also enjoyed attending a Cubs game for a class and being able to witness their historic World Series victory out front at Wrigley Field,” she said. 

Along with the winning of the World Series in 2016, Brennan was also able to attend the Cubs victory parade. 

With a campus in Lincoln Park and the Loop, DePaul students had a lot of ground to cover and explore not only in between campuses, but beyond them. It is one of the main reasons the memory possibilities are endless. 

So, as the college journey comes to an end for seniors, the time spent here will forever leave a page in the scrapbook of what was without a doubt the best, worst, funniest and craziest years of our lives.