New quarantine options added by University Housing


Eric Henry

The statue of John J. Egan, located outside of the Lincoln Park Student Center, wearing a mask.

Due to the update to the Emergency Travel Order, out of state students from Missouri, Nebraska, and North Dakota will now have to quarantine before arriving on campus. Students can choose from the previously stated options to quarantine or change options. The new deadline to confirm the plans will be August 11 for early move in and August 18 for one week quarantine. 

University Housing added a new option, Option D, to the list of quarantine options. This new option will give students the choice to split their two-week quarantine in their homes and on campus, as opposed to entirely on campus. 

 “[Students will] quarantine at home for 7 days prior to coming to campus immediately followed by a 7-day quarantine on campus. If choosing this option, the move-in date will be August 22 (no exceptions to this move-in date) at no additional cost,” said Rick Moreci, director of housing, dining, and student centers.

Option D will also require students to get tested for COVID-19 shortly after arriving on campus. University Housing has not yet released details on how testing will be conducted. 

Students who cannot move in from a restricted state before September 6 will have to contact [email protected] to make personal arrangements.

Update (7/31/2020): A previous version of this story incorrectly attributed a quote to Rick Moreci twice. The story has since been corrected to reflect proper attribution.