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FILE – Beyonce performs at the 59th annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 12, 2017, in Los Angeles. Beyonce turns 39 on Sept. 4. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP, File)

I have to acknowledge it – Virgo season is probably not the most electrifying and interesting time of the year (the Leos and Scorpios made me write that). It’s definitely a demanding and intense season – consider it like the cleanup hitter for the summer (baseball in astrology? What?) – especially after a more easygoing and stimulating phase like Leo season.  

If you know a Virgo, they may come off as more adamant and focused right now but it’s okay if you forgot the favor they asked from you, and don’t worry because they will probably ask again! This season produces a stern-type of energy that guides scrupulous determination and motivation to tie up loose ends – you’ll probably feel the urge to make your bed and tidy up your room a whole lot more lately. It’s no coincidence that school often starts at the very beginning of Virgo season, but maybe that’s why most people dread it. 

Virgos are conscientious, modest and reliable – if not occasionally overly critical, pessimistic and perfectionists. Famous Virgos consist of Beyoncé, Zendaya, Blake Lively, Adam Sandler and Idris Elba. On the DePaulia staff we have Nation and World Editor Marcus Robertson, La DePaulia’s Managing Editor Maria Guerrero and myself

Bravado – Lorde 

Bravado is defined as a bold manner intended to impress or intimidate. Virgos are commonly critical towards others, this is often their means of intimidation, even if they don’t quite see it. Similarly, Virgos are perfectionists, they are meticulous in their actions — if things don’t go their way they are easily discouraged, they have a big desire to impress and satisfy people. 

In this song, Lorde sings about how she was raised to be admired and noticed but she’s uncomfortable with all eyes being on her at the same time. It’s surprising that Lorde is actually a Scorpio because this is such a Virgo trait – the determination to be admired and noticed yet modest, shy and critical of themselves when they actually feel the attention on them. 

Also Lorde, please, 2020 would be more bearable with a new album, but also take your time, you Scorpio, you. 


Best to You – Blood Orange

Virgos in love are critical of themselves, they tend to conceal their emotions, lack confidence and trust in their abilities. Lorely Rodriquez, also known as Empress Of, sings most of this track. She repeats the words, “I can be the only one, I can be the best to you” as if she’s trying to assure herself that she is capable of loving, and capable of being the best even if she doesn’t get any love back. She knows that the person she is expressing this to, considers her less than she considers them to her. 

Virgos are reliable and committed partners and friends, determined to be the person they envision themselves to be while also being very critical of themselves. 


Your Best Friend is a Hater – Emotional Oranges

Like I said before, Virgo season is not the time to put up with any nonsense, it’s an intense time that makes us a lot more conscientious of our environment, our habits, and especially the people around us. You might feel a little bit more tension within relationships lately and a lot more observant of negative energy around you. This song alludes to all of the people you have been bickering with. 

The lyrics say, “I got a good conscious, Doin’ my best to stay out the nonsense.” It embellishes the mood of no-nonsense type energy – such a Virgo trait. 


Under Pressure – Queen and David Bowie 

There’s no doubt that the Virgo season in 2020 will be very high stress, demanding and, well, pressured. We’re still experiencing a pandemic, attempting to work and find jobs, plan our futures and sit in classes while dealing with weird astrological surges of motivation. The contrast between Bowie’s dark and pessimistic lyrics and Mercury’s high pitched spread out vocals is almost kind of like a prelude for how this season will be. On one side you have the impending doom of this demanding energy, the other side this spontaneous burst in determination. 


All My Friends – Snakehips (feat. Tinashe and Chance the Rapper) 

Virgos are most commonly introverts, often needing time to be alone to recharge before they set themselves up for their next task. In this song, Tinashe and Chance the Rapper sing about a night out with friends gone too late into the night, almost like a “I don’t want to be here” vibe. I’m sure there are plenty of Virgos that have found themselves out late at night with friends, thinking “I just want to get home and rest, why are we still out?” It’s not safe to mess with a Virgo’s sleep schedule — just kidding they’re often too modest and shy to speak up and tell you so. 


All Night – Beyoncé 

It would be nothing but disrespectful to not include a Beyoncé song for Virgo season (it’s also commonly known as “Beyoncé Season” so I’m obligated). Virgo is the only astrological sign that is represented by a woman. Virgo is sometimes known as the virgin goddess often imagined as an angel with wings, determined to help people change their ways and right their wrongs. 

This song lines up at the end of the Lemonade album – Beyoncé’s soul-stirring story where she comes to terms with and eventually forgives her husband’s rumored unfaithfulness towards her. In this song, there are many different Virgo-esque angelic types of symbols, Beyoncé refers to broken wings, darkness and light, pure love and redemption. While many of her songs depict Virgo traits and behaviors, this one specifically details the astrological mythical sense and appearance of the Virgo sign – an angel determined to help others find redemption.