Is spring kicking winter out the door?

Chicago was greeted with 60-degree weather in early March, causing people to think spring was on the way.

With snow still on the ground, that seemed false for a while.  But now, Chicago’s been hit with two waves of 60-degree weather and people are hopeful that it’ll stick.

Springtime in Chicago is when the flowers bloom, the trees grow leaves and the Cubs and White Sox start their seasons once again.DePaul students take in spring by hammocking in the quad, laying on the grass outside the Schmitt Academic Center (SAC) and exploring their city.

With spring in mind, students have to applaud themselves for surviving another Chicago winter and remember the hard times.

Sarah Thaman, a DePaul sophomore from St. Louis, said Chicago’s weather confused her when she first moved to Wrigleyville last year.

“There have been days where it is nice enough to go outside without a coat, and then the next day, it will be back to pulling out the winter coat,” Thaman said.

Lakeview resident, 26-year-old Allison Johnson, said Chicago’s weather is very indecisive.

“Last Saturday [March 5] it was 65 and sunny, but only two days later it was snowing again,” Johnson said.

DePaul grad student Sloane Szuber, agrees, “I was not expecting the snow, but after living in Chicago for nearly six years at this point, the weird weather doesn’t surprise me at all.”

The city was hit with multiple warm and cold spells at least twice in March with the cold periods resulting in snow both times.

“I love when the weather gets warmer, and it’s brighter overall outside,” Szuber said.

Restaurants take their air curtains down, shops open their doors, and the streets are filled with people walking around.

The Warby Parker has more business with the sun finally being out again, and at any given point, you can spot a dog with a stick in its mouth or a young couple with their baby destroying an ice cream cone.

“Whenever it warms up, I love to go on runs to the lake and sit outside at coffee shops catching up on work,” Thaman said.

The Bean is the first, basic attraction everyone thinks about for outdoor activities in Chicago, but there are other cool things to do.

There are architectural riverboat tours on the Chicago River that take you past grand buildings like the Chicago Tribune headquarters and Merchandise Mart, but  also give incredible views of Willis Tower.

Garfield Park Conservatory is another aesthetically-pleasing place to visit in Chicago, and even though it is technically inside, it feels like you’re outside. The Conservatory is full of luscious, dense foliage and animals like koi fish and turtles.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is another one but is also a great place to cure your seasonal depression the winter gave you by looking at cute animals. The zoo is the fourth oldest in the country and has free admission.

Johnson doesn’t like to keep up with the ever-changing weather, but, “Chicago is beautiful and a great place to live no matter what.”