DAB kicks off autumn with the Fall Harvest


Jake Cox

Students line up at a caramel apple bar in the Lincoln Park campus Quad during the Fall Harvest event to celebrate the first day of autumn on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

The DePaul Activities Board (DAB) hosted the Fall Harvest to kick off the upcoming fall activities on the first day of fall.

The event took place in the Quad at the LPC. The event featured a jack-o-lantern bounce house, a blow-up corn maze and fall ceramic painting. The event included a hot chocolate and caramel apple bar.  Students were lined up to receive a fall treat before the event got underway.

“This event is pretty cool, and I’m very excited to get into the fall spirit,” freshman Vanessa Delgado said.

Freshman Jacobbe Tereza came to the event to meet a requirement for his Chicago Quarter class. 

“It was a requirement for my [Discover Chicago] class to go to an event and talk about it, and it worked right into my schedule,” Tereza said. “It worked out perfect, thought might as well come.”

Although Tereza used this event for a class requirement, he also enjoyed the event. 

“It’s [the event] nice, I asked a couple of my friends to come along, so I’ll be meeting them soon,” he said. “There are a couple of things to go to, like the corn maze, looks fun, and they were handing out some caramel apples that look pretty good.”

Dab called the hot chocolate and food provided a huge success, but added the corn maze hasn’t been as good as they originally wanted.

Unfortunately, some students find it hard to be involved with at DePaul. 

“This has been my second [start of year event] just because I’m a commuter and it doesn’t really fit in my schedule, but definitely everyone seems to like them,” Tereza said. “They’re in a good mood when they come here. It seems like a nice place to socialize and get to know people and get involved.”

Students enjoy the opportunity for fun and to meet new people presented by these events. 

“They are doing a good job,” Delgado said. “There is something to do almost every day. It’s a good way to not make things not too intimidating for people coming to the university for the first time, like me, if there’s something you don’t like there are always other opportunities.”

For students who want to know where to find information about future DAB events they can be found on instagram @DAB_DePaul and all events are listed on Dehub.depaul.edu. The next fall event held by DAB is the Hocus Pocus movie night on Oct. 12.