What’s Fresh: Rattesnake


Photo from IMDB

Netflix’s “Rattlesnake” shows how far someone will go to save a loved one, even if that means taking a life. 

Katrina (Carmen Ejogo), a single mom, and her daughter Clara (Apollonia Pratt) head on a road trip through Texas, but when their car breaks down and Clara is bit by a rattlesnake in the desert, Katrina rushes Clara into an RV where a woman cures her of the deadly bite— but not without a price. She later finds out that the terms of Clara’s rescue will require a life to be given for Clara’s. 

What starts out as a fast-paced thriller, begins to slow down as time winds down. The movie was filled with a lot of imagery, which took away from the performances of the characters. It was easy to understand what they were trying to achieve, but it kept the movie feeling a little flatlined. Nonetheless, it kept us hopeful until the end.