Questions for Quinn: Beating boredom, fixing a first impression

Jackie asked, “What are some fun art projects to do when bored at home?”

Answer: Hello Jackie! I’ve definitely turned to art this quarantine and have been enjoying glass painting recently. If you go to any art store and buy glass paint, you can turn any of your glasses at home into an art project! You can also go to thrift stores to find cool glasses to paint. 

Another art project I would recommend is fabric art! You can take a canvas, different styles of fabrics and light, differently shaped objects to cover with your fabric. It’s a cool way to make wall art that pops out at you! 

Have fun creating! 


Andy asked, “I’ve heard of a few different delivery services for pet supplies, any in specific you’d recommend?” 

Answer: Hey Andy! I totally get why you want your pet supplies delivered to your door — it’s the ultimate convenience. For my kitty Fancy’s supplies I use Chewy. I’ve found that they’re quick with deliveries, have great customer service and offer great deals on the supplies! They have an app you can download from the App Store. You can even make a little profile for your pet in the app. 


Sydney asked, “How can I redeem myself after not doing well in a course? I don’t want to leave my professor with the wrong impression of me.” 

Answer: Hi Sydney! I can completely relate to this question. I’ve taken a course before where I didn’t feel I did my best and was left feeling like I didn’t prove to my professor that I was the good student I truly am. What I would recommend is trying to take another course with that professor if they teach other classes. The best way to redeem yourself, in my opinion, is to learn under that same professor and prove yourself a second time around by doing much better than you did the first time. Go above and beyond — be the first to present, first to ask a question, and first to comment during a discussion.