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Letter From the Editor: Our growing team is committed to expand coverage of the Latine community in Chicago


La DePaulia is much more than just a student-run publication. It’s a team of budding journalists committed to share the diverse stories of the Latine community in Chicago. It’s a joy for me to enter the newsroom and witness the passion our team has as they talk through edits and share pieces that matter to our readers. 

When I became editor-in-chief in January, I knew it would be a challenge, but I was ready to tackle it and help the publication grow. 

Since then, with the help of my team, I’ve made a commitment to uphold our mission, expand our staff and incorporate more multimedia reporting into our publication. As we begin a new quarter, I want to welcome the new editorial board and acknowledge our team’s accomplishments. 

We continue our commitment to uplift the voices of the Latine community, breaking down the harmful biases that divide us and ensuring that our reporting is fair and accurate. 

Our goal has always been to carve out a greater space for Black and brown communities in Chicago and at DePaul. We remain committed to using “Latine,” a gender-neutral and inclusive term, to refer to members of our community, while still respecting a source’s choice to be called Latina, Latino, Latinx, Chicano, Chicana or Hispanic. 

We are also proud to highlight intersectionality in the community and share the voices of Latines who are indigenous, Afro-Latines, immigrants, first-generation and a part of the LGBTQ+ community. We will continue to capture the challenges they face and the beauty they bring to the  community.  

I am beyond grateful to La DePaulia’s editorial team for writing these stories and for upholding our values through their reporting. Our partnership with NBC and Telemundo Chicago has also given our journalists the unique opportunity to get their articles published on their platforms, expanding our readership.

With the help of Chicago Tribune reporter Laura Rodriguez Presa, the publication’s adviser and fellow, we’ve become better storytellers. She’s given us valuable career advice and serves as a role model. We would not be where we are today without her guidance.  

I’ve been lucky to work alongside a team that supports each other as more than colleagues, but as a family. Their willingness to collaborate, give each other advice and celebrate each team member’s successes has been truly inspiring. 

I want to thank my former Editor-in-Chief Jaqueline Cardenas and my fellow staff members: Cary Robbins, Rodolfo Zagal, Nupur Bosmiya, Emily Diaz, Ariana Vargas, Alonso Vidal and Alondra M. Castañeda who helped me to feel at home at DePaul. They have made me a better leader, writer and friend, and for that, I will forever be grateful. 

I would also like to thank our advisers Laura Rodriguez Presa and Martha Irvine for their support and for always being excited to help us throughout our journeys. 

I’m excited to continue our work and continue to expand our team, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. As editor-in-chief, I’m proud to introduce La DePaulia’s new 2024-2025 editorial board.

Rodolfo Zagal (He/Him) – La DePaulia Managing Editor

I’m a queer Chicago native majoring in journalism with a minor in history. I’m a first-generation Mexican-American who hopes to spread awareness of issues affecting minorities throughout the city. I enjoy La DePaulia because I meet thoughtful journalists and discover interesting stories. I’m interested in social justice, watching movies and traveling to new places. I’m excited to write stories from different perspectives this coming year.

Nupur Bosmiya (she/they) – La DePaulia News Editor 

I’m currently a journalism graduate student at DePaul University and originally joined La DePaulia as a fact-checker before becoming a news editor. Eternally invested in culture and visual media, I hope to tell captivating stories about art and artists. If I’m not systematically making my way through an art gallery or museum, you can find me tucked in my bed with a novel.

Ariana Vargas – Multimedia Editor

I live in Blue Island and I’m a senior at DePaul, majoring in Journalism. I found my passion in multimedia journalism during my junior year. I love making videos to tell  stories on different platforms. I’m ready to write or capture what’s happening in the world around us to connect with one another!

Emily Diaz (She/Her) – La DePaulia Contributing Writer

I’m a contributing writer for La DePaulia and a fourth-year Communication Studies student at DePaul pursuing a combined graduate degree in Public Relations and Advertising. I’m also an associate editor at 14East Magazine and the internal communications assistant for DePaul’s College of Communications. As a Honduran and first-generation Chinese-American, I’m passionate about promoting intersectionality and equity in journalism and the advertising industry.

Alonso Vidal– La DePaulia Contributing Writer and Multimedia Creator 

I’m a senior majoring in Film with a concentration in screenwriting. I’m from Peru and I’m in love with all types of writing — from short stories to screenplays and now journalism!

Alondra M. Castañeda– La DePaulia Contributing Writer

I was born in Guerrero, Mexico but I immigrated to the U.S. at the age of three. I’m a first year student, pursuing my bachelors degree in journalism. I’m also a mother, content creator and podcaster. I consider myself a versatile woman of many hats! I’m very passionate about giving a voice to our Latine community and I’m very excited to be a part of La DePaulia’s team!

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