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A book fair patron laughs while browsing a selection of books on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024, at First Sip Cafe in Chicago. Crowds of people lined up to see the books during the adult book fair co-hosted by First Sip and Call and Response Books.

‘Grown-up book fair’ highlights authors of color and local businesses

LiLi Jarvenpa, Contributing Writer March 3, 2024

As a child, Courtney Bledsoe always looked forward to her school book fair, promptly grabbing all the books she could fit in her backpack. “That just was really an exciting time for me as a child,...

Co-president Monique Rivera (left) creates Valentine’s Day cards with Bookmark members during their monthly Art Night on Thursday, Feb. 8, 2024, in the Student Center.

DePaul students find a safe space in femme and queer book club

Ashley Peréz, Contributing Writer February 18, 2024

When they met as freshmen, DePaul roommates Monique Rivera and Ani Palm bonded over their shared love of reading, writing and poetry.  The two would often share book recommendations, shop at local...

Kathleen Rooney, a professor in the English department. She is in the Arts and Letters hall on Wednesday, September 13.

‘I believe that a better world is possible:’ How bestselling author Kathleen Rooney strives to reshape the literary world

Lilly Keller, Editor in Chief September 24, 2023

DePaul English professor Kathleen Rooney was always a storyteller.  Rooney, the author of five novels, including her latest historical fiction, "From Dust to Star Dust," which explores the life of...

Best media to consume for Pride Month

Best media to consume for Pride Month

Lilly Keller, Editor in Chief June 4, 2023

Suppose you’ve been following along with my DeJamz or other media recommendations. In that case, you must be on the edge of your seat, biting your nails with anticipation at the thought of what I could...

Local artist TYGKO performs raps and hip hop at the Bokkclub in Lakeview.

Booking at Bookclub: DIY venue acts as a center for musicians that are looking to create community with their art

Cormick Costello, Contributing Writer May 21, 2023

Chicago is  known to be a city rich with culture, especially within the music scene. Acting as the birthplace for many bands and musical artists along the lines of Wilco  and Common, Chicago has established...

Exile in Bookville is located on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building at 410 S. Michigan Ave.

Here’s where DePaul can find great reads this Bookstore Day

Noah Tomko-Jones, Contributing Writer April 23, 2023

The Chicago spring is slowly arriving, and the blooming trees around the quad are the perfect place to spread out a blanket or hang up a hammock, enjoy the much-needed sun, and spend some time reading.  With...

DePaul hosted Dartmouth professor and historian Matthew Delmont at Arts & Letters on Feb. 13. to discuss his new book, “Half American.”

‘The stories we tell about the past matter’: Dartmouth professor seeks out the forgotten experience Black WWII Veterans

Lilly Keller, Editor in Chief February 20, 2023

Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 26-year-old James Thompson wrote a letter to the Pittsburgh Courier asking why he, alongside other African Americans, should sacrifice their lives for a country that...

Editors picks: The best media from 2022

Editor’s picks: The best media from 2022

Lilly Keller and Jonah Weber January 8, 2023

While the task of selecting the best media from 2022 may be daunting, we cannot ignore exactly how bountiful this year has been in terms of iconic releases. From books, to movies, to television and of...

A year in books

A year in books

“The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien - Lilly Keller  I’ll admit, war books are definitely not my forte, however, “The Things They Carried” has proven to be the exception. Comprising...

Coming off the shelf: Queer Book Club binds community, change

Coming off the shelf: Queer Book Club binds community, change

Claire Tweedie, Content Managing Editor October 9, 2022

Nestled in the halls of the O’Connell Building, the LGBTQIA+ student resource center hosts a more specialized community every Friday: the Queer Book Club.  Using queer literature as the stepping...

Publishing people: “Virus City” and “American Gun” highlight students work at Printers Row debut

Publishing people: “Virus City” and “American Gun” highlight students work at Printers Row debut

Nadia Carolina Hernandez and Lilly Keller September 18, 2022

The prospect of being officially published can be thrilling to even those who never considered themselves to ever be authors. From gaining credibility, to personal satisfaction, being published in college...

Jennette McCurdys memoir on her experience with TV industry.

Jennette McCurdy sets the record straight in her memoir ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died.’

Lilly Keller, Editor in Chief September 11, 2022

The name Jennette McCurdy has been a staple in the lives of children and parents alike since her debut on Nickelodeon's teen sitcom "iCarly."  Acquiring the role of brassy tomboy Sam Puckett in 2007,...

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