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OPINION: Don’t pity the accused: sexual assault allegations don’t hurt men

Contrary to popular belief, sexual assault allegations rarely derail the careers of powerful men. Often, it is the accusers who have their lives uprooted by coming forward.
Emma Oxnevad, Opinions Editor September 23, 2019

It’s a familiar media narrative: A prominent, powerful man is accused of sexual misconduct. All the major news outlets chase the story, trying to pin down the accuracy of the claims made by the accuser. Then...

In this Nov. 30, 2018, file photo Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh sits with fellow Supreme Court justices for a group portrait at the Supreme Court Building in Washington.

GOP stands by Kavanaugh, rips NY Times

Associated Press September 17, 2019

WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the Senate committee that hosted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings is ripping The New York Times for publishing "unsubstantiated" allegations. Iowa...

Has social media stunted our political understanding?

Has social media stunted our political understanding?

Nikki Roberts, Contributing Writer October 15, 2018

Social media trends come and go. One week Facebook users are uploading videos of the Drake- inspired Kiki dance challenge, and the next they’re busy sharing memes about moths and lamps. For social media...

Meeting in the middle

Meeting in the middle

To rightfully support sexual assault survivors after the Kavanaugh vote, offering them a platform to speak is a step in the right direction
Mackenzie Murtaugh, Opinions Editor October 8, 2018

As Brett Kavanaugh makes his way into his new seat in the Supreme Court, women are confused, fearful and jaded. The immense media coverage, infamous beer talk and intensity of Christine Blasey Ford, PhD...

Holding onto a megaphone, a protester stands outside the American Bar Association Chicago in opposition of the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh following sexual assault claims.

Chicago students rally together against Brett Kavanaugh

Daniel Schirmer, Copy Editor October 8, 2018

A walkout spearheaded by DePaul’s Students for Reproductive Justice (SRJ) was staged on the Lincoln Park campus on Oct. 4. In preparation for a larger rally at the American Bar Association...

What brought Kavanaugh and Ford in front of the Senate and what will come of it

What brought Kavanaugh and Ford in front of the Senate and what will come of it

Marin Scott, Nation & World Editor October 1, 2018

The hearings of Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford have solidified partisan lines. With both Democrats and Republicans refusing to break ranks on the controversial nominee,...

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