DeJamz – 10/17 – Let’s get emo, baby


While we have come a long way from 7th grade and Hot Topic tee-shirts, I’ll be the first to say I have never been able to completely abandon my middle school music taste. While I don’t exactly know how I was relating to these songs about failed-romances, self-loathing and pain when the biggest issue in my life at 12 years old was not failing math class, emo music has proven to be able to withstand the test of time. 

Ironically, now I feel a sense of joy when I throw on my “7th grade bangers” playlist on Spotify containing all of Fall Out Boy’s discography from when they were actually good. Maybe it’s nostalgia for a simpler time. Whatever the reason, I don’t think I will ever leave my pre-teen favorite bands behind, even if their music is only a guilty pleasure now. 

crushcrushcrush – Paramore – Lilly Keller

You would not believe my reaction to finding female singers within the emo genre. I imagine it’s what meeting God is like. Paramore will always be one of my favorite bands, no matter how their sound changes because I know I will always adore it. If anyone is selling their ticket to see Paramore on November 9 at the Chicago Theater email [email protected]. I’m not joking.

XO – Fall Out Boy – Lilly Keller

When I tell you there was a point in my life where I knew every lyric to every Fall Out Boy song out there – even Pax AM Days – I’m unfortunately not kidding. “XO” in particular has always been my favorite Fall Out Boy song. From lyrics regarding biblical morality to a phenomenal guitar riff, I can listen to this song on repeat for hours. Anyways, this song is criminally underrated and if it ever leaves Spotify, you will never hear from me again.

Your Sword Versus My Dagger – Silverstein – Jonah Weber

Any song that one holds close to heart should transport them back to a moment of major impact. This song does just that to me. The second the heavy guitar riff starts I’m taken back to my awkward, emo teenage self. Skateboarding through the fall-colored Chicago streets as hard as I could, banging my head and screaming my lungs out to the lyrics, “All these city streets the people look the same!” 

Scars – Papa Roach – Jonah Weber

Is “Last Resort” one of the greatest songs of all time? Absolutely. Without a doubt. But, when I was 12 year -old and heard “Scars” for the first time, I was truly taken aback. “I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut.” Are you kidding me? What more gut wrenching lyrics does an emo skater-kid need? I’d listen to this song on full blast almost every day before middle school. This is without a doubt an emo essential of mine. 

The Ghost of You – My Chemical Romance – Lilly and Jonah

It wouldn’t be a true emo playlist if we didn’t include some good ol’e fashion My Chemical Romance. MCR is the quintessential emo band. Their sophomore album, “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” is especially fantastic. Although they are most well known for “The Black Parade” and creating the iconic “G-Note” memes, the heaviness of “Three Cheers” just hits a little closer to home. With songs like “Helena” and “I’m not okay” spoke to angsty, emo kids all over the world. We decided on “The Ghost of You” for our pick though. This song starts off soft as Gerard Way serenades to listeners, then quickly picks up into a heavy scream. I can so easily remember walking the streets of Chicago blasting this song and being sad in middle school. 

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