DeJamz: Hardcore edition


I’ve been a fan of the hardcore music genre since I was about nine years old. Personally, I gravitate towards music that demonstrates incredibly strong emotions, and hardcore music does just that. The genre is very important today battling issues surrounding substance abuse, oppression, mental health and hating the government. With that, I give you five of my go-to hardcore songs. 

“FUCK A PROUD BOY” – Kind Eyes and UnityTX 

It is important to recognize that the punk and hardcore scene was founded on fighting fascists, and in 2021, two wonderful bands came together to record this excellent record. The song is so vulgar. The sounds are tough and raw. It gets you going and makes you feel mean yet cathartic at the same time. I personally cannot wait to be in a pit throwing elbows to this song whenever either of these bands make their way to Chicago. 

“Stab Me” – Bent Life

Every once in a while a band or artist comes along and releases insanely amazing and impressive music, but then after two or three years they just fade away into oblivion. I’ve personally found this song is fantastic for cooking. About halfway through the song, there’s a total change in pace and the vocalist yells along to the drum beat, and it matches perfectly with chopping vegetables. 

“Return to Passion” – Knocked Loose

It wouldn’t be a hardcore list in 2023 without mentioning Knocked Loose. I love this band for a lot of reasons, one of them being that vocalists sounds kinda like an angry Elmo. Knocked Loose played at Coachella this year and frightened the audience. This song specifically is wonderful because it’s exactly one minute and 13 seconds long. Sometimes in the morning when I need a little pick me up I’ll throw this song on while I drink my coffee. Caffeine and hardcore are a great combo, and I won’t be told otherwise by some straight-edgers. 

“True Fear” – Kublai Khan TX

It makes me happy when musicians, especially hardcore bands, call out major socialtopics and issues. This song tackles injustice in American and police corruption. Even though this band is from Texas, they still pushed this song out to scare away the conservative hardcore fans. This song is easily one of my top five hype songs. 

“On Sight” – Outta Pocket

Mar. 9, 2023 was not a very good day for me. I tripped and hurt my knee and spilled hot coffee on my lap while driving to class. I sat through my class uncomfortable and self-conscious. The cold feeling of damp cloth right on my lap mixed with trying to retain information from a lecture was a deplorable combination. I hated my situation. I grew frustrated, class finally ended, and I returned to my car to find a parking ticket. I got in my car and headed back up Lakeshore. My Spotify generated hardcore playlist threw this song on, and I was hooked by the sample at the start. As the song picked up, I picked up speed. The beat and lyrics all flowed so heavily and well together. Headbanging along got all my frustration out. It reminded me why I love this genre so much and the community. hXc for life dude.