‘United DePaul’ organizes one-day strike

A person striking holds a sign on DePauls Quad, on May 1.
A person striking holds a sign on DePaul’s Quad, on May 1.
Lucia Preziosi

On Wednesday, May 1, United DePaul, a group of DePaul students, student workers and adjunct faculty asked students and faculty members to “strike” for one day. 

United DePaul planned this strike in response to what they said was anti-union action by the university, according to a post on the organization’s Instagram page. The list of actions alleged by the group included:

  • Constant harassment by DePaul public safety officers of student organizers.
  • The Office (Division) of Student Affairs, Office of Student Involvement and Office of Public Safety all refusing to respect our legally protected right to organize.
  • DePaul’s refusal to negotiate with us in a good faith manner.
  • Refusing to give adjuncts and PhD students healthcare. 
  • Refusing to release financial investment information. 
  • Maintaining some of the lowest student worker wages in Chicago. 

In another Instagram post, the group said it organized a one-day strike “to strategically respond to union suppression efforts and to demonstrate our unity.” May 1 is also recognized as International Workers’ Day. 

  • Increased PHD Stipends.
  • Healthcare for Instructional Worker.
  • Environmental Sustainability.
  • Ending the Condom Ban.
  • Increased Student-worker Wages.
  • Financial Transparency.

The strike has been endorsed by DePaul chapters of the following organizations: 

Environmental Community Organizers, Accessible Futures, Planned Parenthood Generation Action, Political Discourse Society, Students for Justice in Palestine, Young Democratic Socialists of America, Jews for Justice and Students for a Democratic Society. 


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