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The Student Newspaper of DePaul University

The DePaulia

The Student Newspaper of DePaul University

The DePaulia


The DePaulia has been the recipient of many regional and national Collegiate media awards.


Illinois College Press Association

  • First Place, Movie Review – Lauren Coates
  • First Place, Feature Story – Una Cleary
  • First Place, News Photo – Nadia Hernandez
  • First Place Multimedia – Ruchi Nawathe and Amber Stoutenborough
  • Second Place, Editorial Cartoon – Alicia Goluszka
  • Second Place, Graphic Illustration – Maya Oclassen
  • Second Place, Sports game story – Lawrence Kreymer
  • Second Place, Sports Feature story – Lawrence Kreymer
  • Second Place, Feature Photo – Frankie Perez
  • Second Place, Sports Page Design – Darcy Waskiewicz
  • Second Place, Sweepstakes – Total points for awards received
  • Third Place General Excellence
  • Third Place, Column Writing – Erik Uebelacker
  • Third Place, Sports News – Erin Henze
  • Third Place, Sports photo – Donald Crocker
  • Third Place, Front Page Design
  • Third Place, Sports Feature story – Darcy Waskiewicz and Amber Stoutenborough
  • Third Place, News Story, Afghan Refugees, J. Rosenblum, J. Kunz, E. Perez
  • Third Place, Editorial Writing, Staff for editorial on President Esteban
  • Third Place, News Podcast – Amber Stoutenborough
  • Third Place, Entertainment and Culture Podcast – Amber Stoutenborough
  • Honorable Mention, Opinion pages – Samantha Moilanen
  • Honorable Mention, Column Writing – Lilly Lowndes
  • Honorable Mention, Sports News – Darcy Waskiewicz
  • Honorable Mention, Headline Writing – Patrick Sloan-Turner and Erik Uebelacker
  • Honorable Mention, Staff, DEI coverage
  • Honorable Mention, Photo essay – Amber Stoutenborough and Jacqueline Cardenas
  • Honorable Mention, Critical Review – Josephine Stratman
  • Honorable Mention, Sports photo – Donald Crocker
  • Honorable Mention, Spot News Photo – Nadia Hernandez
  • Honorable Mention, News Podcast – Amber Stoutenborough
  • Honorable Mention, Website – Patrick Sloan-Turner
  • Honorable Mention, Special Supplement for the Gender Issue


Illinois College Press Association

For non-daily newspapers with enrollments of 4,000 students or more.

Pacemaker awards

2016 – National Pacemaker Award

2016 – Design of the Year Award

2017 – National Pacemaker Award 


Associated Collegiate Press

Society of Professional Journalists – Regional


Best all-around non-daily student newspaper: The DePaulia
Best online sports reporting: Matt Paras, Kirsten Onsgard, Mariah Woelfel, “More than a decade of drought: An oral history of the 2003-04 Blue Demons”
Best TV general news reporting: Hannah Hoffman and Ashley Holden, Chicago mayoral election
Best TV in-depth reporting: Jaclyn Driscoll, artificial turf
Best breaking-news photography: Geoff Stellfox, Laquan McDonald prayer vigil
Best sports photography: Josh Leff, DePaul bench mob
Best feature writing: Kirsten Onsgard, “Composing the future”


Online feature writing: Rachel Hinton and Shelley Mesch, “I was raped”
Online news reporting: Brenden Moore, Matt Paras, Mariah Woelfel, Megan Deppen, Dean Koocher coverage
TV general news reporting: Chloe Atkins, “Julia Neary”
TV sports reporting: Sarah Gorden, “Tyler Graham”
Editorial writing: The DePaulia editorial board
In-depth reporting: Brenden Moore, Coverage of Dean Gerald Koocher

Catholic Press Association

Second place: “Pope Francis addresses political and spiritual issues in D.C.” by Brenden Moore
Second place: “Millennials embrace Pope Francis” by Megan Deppen
Graphic art or photograph:
First place: “Laquan McDonald remembered at prayer vigil Monday” by Geoff Stellfox
Third place: “DePaul’s bench mob celebrates a basket” by Josh Leff
Online multimedia:
First place: “Adjunct Agony: Uncertainty for part-time professors at DePaul” by Emily Brosious, Matt Koske and Julian Hayda
Second place: “More than a decade of drought: An oral history of the 2003-04 Blue Demons” by Matthew Paras, Kirsten Onsgard and Mariah Woelfel
Third place: “The reality of crime: Theft highest among crimes reported at DePaul” by Courtney Jacquin
Honorable mention: “‘I was raped:’ A DePaul student’s rape and the university’s code of conduct” by Rachel Hinton and Shelley Mesch
First place: “DePaul, other universities make strides, still struggle to fight sexual assault” by Courtney Jacquin
Second place: “The right to joke: Which topics can satirists tackle after Charlie Hebdo?” by Emily Brandenstein
Second place: “‘The year it all fell apart’: A DePaul student’s journey to find housing” by Jessica Villagomez
Third place: “In 30th DePaul season, Doug Bruno still has goals to reach” by Ben Gartland
Honorable mention: “Composing the future: The journeys of three School of Music students as they prepare for graduation” by Kirsten Onsgard
Honorable mention: “Ty Corbin’s last stand” by Matthew Paras