Page 29 – Volume #107 I #5 – Queer Prom, 43rd Forum, Faith in Government


The DePaulia podcast is back and with our Multimedia Managing Editor and host, Amber Stoutenborough. Listen in each week to get an inside scoop of the latest news of DePaul and Chicago. This week Amber talks to News Editor, Kiersten Riedford, about her coverage on DePaul’s Queer Prom event and the impact it has in the community. Next Amber discusses with Online Managing Editor, Patrick Sloan-Turner, for an update on the Aldermanic candidates from the 43rd Ward. Then Amber sits down to talk to Opinions Editor, Jake Cox, about his latest opinion piece on the lack of faith this generation has in the government. 

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Host: Amber Stoutenborough

Producer: Amber Stoutenborough 

Co-Producer: Laura Katherine Tooley. 

Editors Interviewed (in order): Kiersten Riedford, Patrick Sloan-Turner and Jake Cox. 

Music: Do it by Paolopavan